RSSPL maintain a professional independence in relation to its Client activities and continue to develop the range of services available to our clients by internal progression as well as forging links with new partner organizations. Our dedication to Innovation and Commitment to our Customers & Employees enables us to attract Clients & internally build a talented, highly qualified, diverse work force as well.

RSSPL differentiation is clearly the Process Improvement Tools that have been developed and are continuously re-engineered to improve internal processes and systems to clearly maintain the lead for innovative and responsive client servicing.

RSSPL posses

  • Straight Talk, Swift Action
  • Strict Quality Control – Superior yet Cost Effective Services
  • Omni present & Non Intrusive services
  • Professional approach and quick grasp of Client Security requirements
  • Single window source offering Comprehensive Integrated Solutions
  • Excellent liaison with Local Police Authorities
  • Safety of People, Information and Assets
  • Reduction of Risks to Operations and Cash Flow
  • Incredible Response time
  • …need we say more?