• Done through Direct Advertisement
  • Stringent Physical, Education and Mental Standards
  • Thorough verification of Antecedents


  • Duties at Posts, Frisking, Search Procedures, Entry / Exit Procedures
  • Conduct towards Customers, Visitors, Vendors, VIPS, Employees, House Keeping Staff, Courtesy and Salutations etc.
  • Documentation at various posts
  • Duty in parallel Day & Night Shifts, VIP / Clients visit procedure
  • Written Test & Induction
  • Based on performance in the test and suitability-the successful candidates are placed appropriately.

Yearly 20 days intensive training plan to include

  • Classroom and Field Training
  • 100 hours of Classroom Training
  • 60 hours of Field Training
  • Familiarization with Agency Sites, Personnel, Information


We are in a process for developing training facility in
Madhyamgram (Dist. N – 24 Parganas, West Bengal) shortly.


Proficiency code for Security Personnel

Key Activity performance level Key Activity Knowledge Level
1.1=( Extremely limited)Individual is expected to be able to perform simple parts of Key activity. Needs to be told or shown how most of the key activities do. A =(Nomenclature) Individual is expected to be able to name parts, tools and simple fact about the key activity
2= (Partially Proficient)Individual is expected to be able to perform most part of Key activity. Needs only help on tough / hardest part. B = (Procedure) Individual is expected to be able to determine step by step procedures for doing the key activities
3=( Competent)Individual is expected to able to do all parts of the key activities. Need only spot Check of completed work. C = (Operating Principles) Individual is expected to be able to identify why and When the key activity must be done and Why each step is needed
4.= (Highly Proficient)Individual is expected to be able to complete the key activity quickly and accurately. Can tell or Show others how to the key activities D= (Advanced knowledge) Individual is expected to able to predict, isolate and resolve problems about the key activity.