Keeping in mind the various areas for security, it is not enough to increase man power and insulate any premise internally. It has become critical to develop a strong external security mechanism, which concentrates on vigilance, and assess activities and monitor movement of people. The key is developing an intelligent vigilance mechanism. We have a pool of professionals who are better equipped to assess activities, movements, and handle sensitive situations and be able to intelligently maneuver within the culture of staff working in offices located in the building, visitors & vendors.

The Agency draws it’s strength from a highly motivated and experienced Army Officers, in our panel and an experience pool of more than 500 men of exemplary military service ensures the highest standards of security services in the Indian market.

The Agency presently delivers Comprehensive Security Services, which includes Manned Guarding, Armed Guarding, Risk Assessment & Management Services and Contingency Planning


  • Risk Assessment
  • Security Process Assessment
  • Security Process Improvement Projects

Physical Security

  • Security Audits
  • Static and Mobile Guarding
  • Exhibitions & Special Events

Pre & Post Employment Screening

  • Address Verification Checks
  • Education Verification Checks
  • Employment Verification Checks
  • Reference Verification Checks
  • Database Verification Checks
  • Criminal Verification Checks
  • Personal/Trait Checks

Intellectual Property Services

  • Trademark In-Use Investigations
  • Anti-Counterfeiting Programs
  • Media Monitoring with News
  • Brand Monitoring with Market Check
  • Pretex Purchase
  • Evidence collection, proof of use and non-use of trademarks.
  • Investigations & coordination in multiple raid actions by Police
  • Consultation and providing legal assistance

Executive Protection

  • Threat assessment and security planning
  • Security Advance and Response
  • Close protection for executives, VIP’s and their families
  • Executive travel support
  • Logistical and technical support
  • Event Security